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To save the United States and the rest of the World, we will need
The Super Technology!

"The most Powerful Technology of All Time

"The most Powerful Technology of All Time"





The Super Technology !!!

The 2013 Nebula

Don't Be Afraid!

It's here to serve you.
The Super Technology is here

The Super Technology!

The most powerful technology of all time.
BMX is Back.

It's Here!!!








The Super Technology...

Only One Technology is capable of fixing almost everything that is wrong on this planet. It is simply the single most important thing we have to do to Survive. You have a lot to LEARN... Nothing else is more important. Nothing else has the ability to fix what’s wrong with our whole civilization  -  [See Exhibit A]


Exhibit A

Sky rocketing debt, unemployment, underemployment, deficits, government failure, Economic systems failure, Financial systems failure, Market systems failure, Monetary systems failure, Social systems failure, Environmental systems failure, Ecosystems failure, Energy systems failure, Energy depletion, Perpetual war & conflict,  rising poverty, suffering, corruption, greed, chronic recessions etc… etc… etc…


We Don't have to live like This Anymore!

You ever wonder why they can’t fix the economy. It can’t be fixed. In fact it never really worked; it (the economy) just limped from one recession /depression to the next. But this is different, just as I warned back in 2007.

This is what the symptoms of “Death by Technology” look like (Exhibit A) and we’re living it every day.

We never make any progress because we think the symptoms (Exhibit A) are the problem. We will perish if we continue to pretend to attack the symptoms and not the root of  our problems – "the total mismanagement of our Technology, our Civilization and its Resources. As scientists we have warned for many years that the planet is in  imminent Danger. Our biggest mistake over the years was that we didn’t provide a path (A NeXus) to change. We only gave warnings and predictions. V2 is that path. It is the Nexus (the path and vision) to a brighter future.  

The challenges we face today are great and numerous [See Exhibit A]. We will have to do great things (The Super Technology)  to overcome great obstacles (Exhibit A).

Now you have two choices.
1 - You can continue to do nothing and watch the fireworks as our civilization continues to self-destruct.

-   Or    -

2 - You can save yourself with V2. Only a Super Technology can save us now.


I know it's hard to believe.  But you don't have to believe it - you can know it! V2 is the only thing that is able to set the human race free. It is the only vision and technology that will allow us to escape disaster ( [exhibit A]  A.K.A Death by Technology ). But you have to free Your mind before you can free the body. Ignorant misguided people can’t change anything. That is a recipe for chaos. You have to learn and understand. The books were written to announce to the human race that it has arrived. They were written to prepare you. They were written to set the Human Race Free!

We are the most advanced civilization that has ever lived. It is time to start acting like it and living like it!


Good Luck to us all...