About the Visionary and the Technology



About the Visionary/Inventor/Author:

Dan Thomas is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. He holds degrees in computer science, mathematics and applied science. He is the president of Phase 4 Technologies and the founder of OsiXs.



 About the Technology:

The formal name of the “Super Technology” is V2. V2 is a series of technologies formed to harness the most important and powerful medium of all time. More powerful and important than harnessing the power of the sun.  It is literally the single most important thing we can do on this planet“NO EXCEPTIONS”. 

Don’t be fooled or comforted if you happen to live in one of the diminishing pockets of contrived normalcy. It is this arrogance, ignorance and complacency that has allowed our whole world to deteriorate beyond disbelief. Even that’s not enough to wake up or empower the masses. Our have become so colossal, deeply rooted and complex that everything we attempt to do has only made them worse. Only one thing can help us now. Only one thing has the power to deal with the scale of complexity that most human beings will never understand until it is too late. The only thing that can save us now is – “THE SUPER TECHNOLOGY.

Good Luck to Us All 




"One of the most important lessons in my life is that almost everything that I was brought up to believe turns out to be untrue. I don’t blame my parents for this; in fact I don’t blame anybody for this. They, just like everybody else were brought up with the same founding, justifying, centralizing myths. All Classes have them, all groups of people subscribe to them and there always wrong."
― George Monbiot

You will have to free your mind from what it is you think you know. You will have to free your mind from everything that you've been taught. That will leave you with the most useful tool for thinking outside of the prison we've created for our own minds.
That tool is your  imagination.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire universe, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
― Albert Einstein

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
― Albert Einstein

"If you free the mind, the body will follow."
― Dan Thomas





The Super Technology is literally the Holy Grail to fixing everything that is wrong on this planet, including us
. No amount of movies, books or past history can prepare you for what follows. In the wake of The Super Technology - A Paradigm Shift will follow. 

Welcome to the First Phase….




I use this section to answer the most interesting questions I get from readers.

1. What was the idea or insperation behind V2?
     Ans: It started from the constant reminder that the web was a primitive environment for supporting online  
             applications, and the fact that Html is a primitive tool for building them. After that, it took on a 
             whole new life of its own.

2. Why don't you have any pictures of yourself on the book or your websites? 
     Ans: I'm a loner/intravert. I like my anonymity. I wrote the books to share knowledge, not myself.

3. Are you for real - or another Scam?                  ("I love this question")
     Ans: You don’t send scams to the President of the United States. He has some pretty bad dudes behind 
             him - like the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, the Department of Justice, the Army, Navy, Marines, etc…  
             I think you know what I mean, not a good idea. See my
open letter to the President of the United States.

4. Why isn’t the book on Amazon?
     Ans: There is nothing conventional about this book. “Death by Technology” is sold exclusively from this 
for two reasons.  I mean to set “The Super Technology”  apart from all other books to empasize 
             its meaning and importance above and apart from all other books. Second, why introduce a middle 
             man to steal 55% - 75% of your hard work. That’s what’s wrong with our whole world.  Middle men   
             exploit and devalue your labor/resources, goods and services the instant you turn it over to them.
             The internet has set us free and we don’t even know it.

5. If “The Super Technology” and “Death by Technology” are so important that everyone on the planet needs to know
    about them, then why don’t you give the books away for free? 
    Ans: We have 5 free websites dedicated to informing the public. Even that is just a start for two of the most important
             subjects of all time to this point in time. It will take books and movies to finish the job. By Giving a way the books
             I would be making the same disastrous mistake committed by Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientist of all time.
             He is more profound and important than Albert Einstein.



  Birth place of "The Super Technology" - 2001